An essential Edwardian motor sport reference book that tells a story, a book which is also of particular interest to Hill Climb enthusiasts and devotees of Sunbeam, Talbot and Vauxhall cars, which feature large.

This book for the first time explains the Rise of The Sidevalves to consign the monster Edwardian cars to history and the resulting emergence of the iconic Vauxhall 30-98 and 25 hp Talbots.

The story follows week by week the Crossley Motors works competition cars and their participation in period English hill climb and sprint events from 1910 to 1913 seen through period press reports.

A good fifty percent of all English hill climbs and sprints in the three years up to 1913 are covered in detailed event reports. Each report identifies the main motor manufacturers and competitors to give a flavour of what it was like to spectate at Edwardian hill climbs. This on its own makes the book a must for any automotive reference library.

We are also taken through the application of many technical developments which happened in this period, including, an explanation of the first use of dynamic balancing for engine parts, along with the origins and reasons for failure of Edwardian front wheel brakes on production cars.

Short life stories of Bianchi and Woods, the two works drivers are chronicled, with their involvement in events such as the 1903 Paris Madrid race and the 1904 Blackpool Speed trials.